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G-Sound Radio

Hello all. Below is a re-post to the C.C. Cowan Radio show that I did during Thanksgiving for those who missed it due to the holiday – this was my November 27th live interview with author C.C. Cowan for his segment “SO AMAZING A Celebration of the Love Balladeers”; the entire month being dedicated to extraordinary male singers.

The “C.C. Cowan Show” bridges the gap between the new generation of entertainment seekers and the industry’s most dynamic artists. It’s broadcast LIVE from New York City and is part of the ICEBREAKER RADIO NETWORK (Dallas TX). The show is also syndicated in 190 countries with nearly 8.7 million listeners worldwide.

This is likely one of my favorite interviews… As I mentioned elsewhere; talking with C.C. was like chatting with a family member.

The interview is about an hour long.

You may notice the link to a newish site called G-Sound Radio. This is where we will post both past interviews (where I am the guest) as well as…. “ta da”….

Radio shows that I will be HOSTING! I am excited to be working on this project so stay tuned.

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2014 Calendar

Ave Maria is now available for sale. I’m told the first few days there were some glitches but it has been remedied. And our 2014 Calendar featuring images and notable quotes is available NOW!

Just click the images to order.

This post is mainly to wish you all a very Happy 2014 full of light and love.

Here’s a quote: “TIME is the coin of our lives. It is the only coin we have, and only we can determine how it will be spent. Be careful, lest you let other people spend it for you.”

There will be a lot of changes for me in this new year…… but I will keep you informed….

Here’s “Wrap It Up” (above)

Until next time… I am-
Musically yours,