…..welcome to June

Gregory Abbott

Hey all,

I love June– (the month of leaves and roses)… its full summer for most of us (except for that snow in upstate New York for Memorial Day?)….. Hmmm…

Well I’ve been out of touch for a bit burying my head in the studio the past month or so, working to finish up the new EP (4 to 5 song CD)…. We have it tentatively entitled “Smile Of A Woman”….. it’s the title of one of the songs….. (but we’ll talk about that on another post).

We got a surprise from Reverb Nation when they decided to run me up the charts here in Berkeley California and I’ve had my people post some of those notices etc… Next, I guess it’s on to San Francisco, LA and New York….. (a correction here…. it looks like we were climbing the charts everywhere…. nationally and worldwide as well…)

How wonderful that folks like my music out here and took the time to let Reverb Nation know it and- more importantly use that “share” button to introduce new friends to my music as well. I can’t tell you how much that means to me… When you all post and share my songs it helps me to spread my message which of course is one of the main reasons I’m here on this earth. Thank you thank you! 

When you introduce my music to your friends it spreads the word and gives my songs a chance to go viral which of course is the main power of the internet and what gives me freedom (from the record companies) to put out whatever music I like, as often as I like, to as many people as possible. So those of you that do share in such a manner I can’t thank you enough and I owe my freedom and ability to live the life I always dreamed of entirely to YOU… kiss kiss and double kiss. And to the men– hug, hug and….. well that’ll have to be enough πŸ™‚

We have updated the web site to make it more interactive…. I like the new look very much…. simpler…. and we’ll make sure to keep it colorful… (thanks for the input there). We’ve added some pics with celebrity friends… and just basically organized everything better.

Music is now available on cdbaby (credit card orders finally) and we’ll also be opening the Abbott Shoppe …. I’m being pretty picky here with what I want to offer…. this is going to be a test run of the store. We’re not just t-shirt people… are we? I’ve asked for silk ties for the men and picked what I think is a pretty nice flattering one size fits most top… tote bags and sleeveless tanks to start…. nice stuff… we’re working it all out now. We’re only going to print up a few and see what you guys think…… if you like them let us know you want more and we’ll start normal runs…. You’ll also be able to order download cards, and the “Eyes Whispers”, “One World”, “Shake You Down” and “Super Hits” CD’s there too. And, we’ll add other items like silk scarves, calendars, stickers and posters as time goes on.

I want to take a minute for the men to wish them a very Happy Fathers Day this month! They say that sons follow not a fathers advise but his example, and I’ve found this to be true πŸ™‚ And ladies please do me a favor and spoil your men on Fathers Day.

Speaking of sharing, let me share a fun personal boating moment with you all. This past weekend there was what is called a negative tide… That means that the down of the normal up and down of the water went much lower than usual…. almost two feet lower than zero… Here in the San Francisco bay that reveals a small island that is never usually seen… It normally looks like water everywhere… so who knew that there was this island right outside of the marina? It was pretty cool to see. So cool in fact, that some folks decided to have a party on this little island (me included), at 7 in the morning even though you would only be able to walk on it for three hours! We had a breakfast party with all the fixin’s… and named it Gilligans Island… put a big SOS on the sand…(it didn’t really say SOS but… anyway); a friend even boated over before the tide went down and temporarily “shipwrecked” himself until the tide came back up. (how else could we have gotten all those supplies there- ha) folks even dressed up as characters of the show… (some of you must remember that show– the Professor, MaryAnn, Ginger the Skipper etc…). So we all dingied or rowed over and had a grand old-time… and had to hustle back too soon because the Island ceased to be! What a rare and wonderful gift nature bestowed on us that lovely morning on the San Francisco Bay.

dragon boats from BerkeleyShipwreck Gilligan's Is.

Happy Juneteenth everybody…..

Hugs to you all. Namaste and as always I am-

Musically yours,

(and now back into the studio….)


Moving and groovin...
Moving and groovin…