Happy Valentines Day

Although there is a Saint Valentine and many mythological stories concerning Valentine’s Day; it really became a romantic  holiday somewhere in the Middle Ages in the era of Geoffrey Chaucer (author of the Canterbury Tales)…

But WAIT…. a thought here…. there’s a lot of people we LOVE aren’t there?

So after celebrating with our ‘sweethearts’… (and doing all the things we’re supposed to do for Valentine’s Day lest our better half kill us) lol… What about the friend you think about and never call…. or that co-worker that makes life easier… or that relative that means so much but you never tell….?? How about sending them a Valentine too… (hey, its just a thought).

Love is a great thing to celebrate… in my mind it seems like a good idea to spread it around some:)


This is my Valentine’s Day gift to you all. I appreciate your love and support.

A note:

My G-Sound Radio show will be available shortly. I will send a separate post but you can check back here and “tune in” from the blog.

Take a listen to “Easy To B With U”
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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Lao Tzu

Hope you’ve been enjoying the Olympics as I have. Its been full of surprises.

As always I am musically yours, Gregory


Addition to post:

Took my honey skiing with friends in Lake Tahoe for V-Day. Its been fun watching the Winter Olympics in the evening after a day on the slopes. Such inspiring stories. Many happy, quite a few sad; but all of them slices of life and very instructive. Several of the athletes came from this area and ski these same trails.. The weather was perfect. The days were perfect. My sweetie was perfect.…




P.S. For those of you who asked about the photographer next to the flash…… well…… yeah…… that’s my baby (smile)…… Sorry, that’s all she’s willing to show lol.