Gregory Abbott. Celebrating Global Cooperation Day.
Gregory Abbott. Celebrating Global Cooperation Day.

This post is to let you know that Friday October 4th is Global Co-operation Day. Global Co-operation Day is about the environment. Its about planting trees…worldwide.Global Cooperation Day Oct 4 2013 Simulcast

It is an initiative by Liz Greenwell and Adam Greenwell called ForestNATION  (some of the Greenpeace folks) in hopes that people around the world will cooperate in GLOBAL TREE PLANTING. All you have to do it plant a seedling. You can plant it any where you want. Doesn’t matter where you live in the world. It is both an actual and symbolic act to help us re-connect with nature. You can register your tree at the link below and it could be featured in a documentary called ‘Watering the Fields of Humanity’.


In support of this effort on Friday Martha Samasoni of Muzikheadz will be airing a “World of New Zealand Music 24 hour Simulcast”. Here is the link: http://globalcooperationday.listen2myradio.com/

Global Cooperation Day Simulcast airs at 12pm NZ, Midnight UK, 4pm PST, 7pm EST

Some of my music will be featured and celebrities around the world (as well as myself) will be doing voice overs for the simulcast. PLEASE PLANT A TREE if you can.


I will also be doing an interview on Blog Talk Radio with Mary LaLuna on this topic.  She’s the host of ArtSees Diner Radio and she is also Ambassador to ForestNATION. Her show’s called “Imagine You Imagine Me, Musicians 4 Global Cooperation Day 10/04”. I look forward to speaking with her. Highlights will be featured on Friday during the show, and the full length interview will be on Saturday 8pm CENTRAL TIME. (I wrote that big so you would notice lol)

Hope you can check us out.


Trees… the ocean… nature…. the health of both the planet and ourselves… these things mean a lot to me. And I hope to you as well.

I wrote a song about the environment called “For Come Ya” (before we came here). It reflects how it may be to our benefit to begin respecting life as traditional people used to… Native peoples looked at the choices they made from a distance of seven generations… That is- they did not make decisions based on themselves alone. I’ve always loved this concept. They based it on what will this mean to to us “seven generations from now”.  I believe that forward vision is something sorely lacking today.


I hope you can join me in the celebration.

Here’s a beautiful love poem written by Jo Lynne Wood… But its also about what life would be without trees…..

Two trees near to each other stood

When they were young and life was new.

Their limbs reach out and their branches entwine

And thus together they grew.

Their roots spread out down under the ground

Joining one with the other,

So, from the top in the sky to the heart

In the earth-the two were joined together.

Thru days when the sun was bright and warm

And the winds were tempermental

When a laughing breeze rustled the leave,

Or when the rain was soft and gentle.

Thru days when the clouds were dark and gray

And cold and fierce the weather

The two stood firm and faced the storms

Because they stood together.

On a cold dark day one tree fell

And the branches that were so entwined

Were all torn apart and down in the heart

Roots were broken and undermined.

Bruised and scarred, left standing alone

To meet the wind and strife

The one that was left still stood on,

But lived only half a life.

Peace to you all. As always I am,

Gregory Abbott





Musically yours,