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…… live performance


I will be performing live

on Sunday December 14, 2014

at 7:00 PM in Manchester England

at the Palace Hotel for: David Gest’s

All Star Christmas Soul Legends Concert

 Celebrity Dinner Party & Charity Auction.

(Sponsored by Smooth Radio North West)

recommended site

I encourage folks to take a look at Carlos Santana’s “Architects of a new Dawn” site. My page is http://architectsofanewdawn.ning.com/profile/gregoryabbott

Let me know what you think. Peace, health and prosperity of all kinds for the New Year.


Winning the prize…

There seems to be some issue with President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I’ve read that some believe that he hasn’t done anything to deserve it. That he is merely a hollywood icon. I disagree. I think it was a perfect choice. He has done  much to further peace and communication between ourselves and other nations and will do much more in the future; even after his presidency. I think his election has become a symbol of what many small groups can do if they get together and organize. So choosing him as the Nobel recipient is really choosing ourselves. It gives people hope and empowerment.