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…..”Time of My Life” Tour Album

I would like to personally thank the cities of: Newcastle, Preston, Liverpool, York, Stockport, and Rhyl for such a warm welcome and all the wonderful support.

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Below is my Gallery of the tour. (Hover your mouse over an image to freeze it).  

I will be posting some live performances on Youtube shortly.

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……united kingdom

Well I’ll be off to the United Kingdom in a few days for the “Time of My Life” tour…..

I decided to bump up my dress a little bit; since I’ll be performing with such a classy bunch of folks.

Pier Head- Liverpool

Hope to see some sites while I’m there. The photo above is of Pier Head, Liverpool.



And, of course The Beatles are from Liverpool


I will try and keep you posted via Facebook and Twitter. Don’t know how my internet connect will be. I’ve bought every adapter known to man……wish me luck.


See you soon.

My quote for this post:

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not”


Musically yours, Gregory

greg classic2