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Gregory Abbott “Chill” on Bandcamp

… new single

“Many of us have had more than our share of stress in the last little while.
I like to create music that allows folks to take a momentary break
and remember to enjoy life… to be grateful for what we have.
All of us need to refuel every now and then. It’s what keeps us

On November 20th the single “Chill” will be available
through all major digital outlets.

The platinum artist, songwriter and producer who brought the world
the mega-hit “Shake You Down” now brings you this laid back,
easy tempo song with a positive message.

“Chill” features a”crankin” sax solo by the legendary smooth jazz staple Gerald Albright.

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…… election year 2020

Well… at long last, election day is just around the corner. I’m sure you’ve read about the concern for mail in voting. My family and I will indeed be voting by mail but we will not be mailing in our ballots. Instead, to make sure each and every vote is counted we will be dropping off our mail-in ballots in person.


You do not need to MAIL in your MAIL-IN  ballot!

All states allow for in-person drop off at the County Clerk or Registrar, or your local Board of Election.

Just do an online search for your county and find where to drop if off.



I am excited to announce that I have a new smooth jazz single coming soon. The song is called “Chill” and it features a sax solo by the legendary Gerald Albright! What a cool dude. I will be posting more about it over the next little while.

In the meantime,  Here are a few tunes:

And… If you’re in the mood  for some easy listening and just want to unplug for a few hours, check out the replay of my Jazznet 247 radio show where I play some of my favorites songs and artists.

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