…a quick thanks

I just wanted to thank you all so much for your support of  “Chill” which did so well.

I am depositing here for posterity some of the info from the main post.


Groove balladeer Gregory Abbott’s new single “Chill” – offers sage advice for these troubled times in the most engaging, rhythmically seductive way possible. Over a slow, simmering groove, the singer wraps his soulful vocals and uplifting lyrics about not worrying with horn section punch, gospel-tinged female backing vocals, and – most exciting of all – Gerald Albright’s inimitable sax harmony and emotional soloing. A welcome visit from a cherished musical friend, “Chill” is the perfect anthem to vibe to as we head into 2021! @smoothjazzglobal 

Attached is review by top 40 charts of the release I thought I would share.

I send prayers to you all for your safety… Stay warm… Stay safe….

And of course Stay “Chill”.

As always, I am

Musically yours,


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