…a quick thanks

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Just a quick thanks.

How are you all doing?

Seems like so much has happened since last I was here. Suffice it to say that we have all been through a lot. While the virus is still one of the biggest issues of our time, I am hopeful that the vaccine will have its intended effect. Looking forward to regaining some sense of normalcy and traveling again too.

I just wanted to drop you a note at our newly designed site and send a quick thanks to you all so much for your support of my new single “Chill” which is doing so well.

Attached is a recent review by top 40 charts of the release I thought I would share.

Winter is always difficult with the shorter days and colder temperatures. I send prayers to you all for your safety… Stay warm… Stay safe….

And of course Stay “Chill”.

As always, I am

Musically yours,


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