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Please tune in this weekend to WJAB 90.9 FM where I will be LIVE.

I’ll be talking with Kerry Maclin THIS Saturday 11-3 AM Pacific 2-5PM Eastern

I hope you can join me.

To listen you can either go directly to WJAB or use the Tunein  app (links below).











Welcome to Summer!



Last but NEVER least to all you warriors out there who have been sources of masculine strength, wisdom and caring…. to either your own children or someone else’s……

Happy Father’s Day

“Dad… wherever you are, you are gone, but you will never be forgotten”



Musically yours, Gregory


Congratulations to all the fathers out there. Have a great weekend.

Congratulations also to those who appreciate the role of father… that means all the spiritual guides, big brothers, adoptive parents etc… who step in when it is needed.

We have all needed guidance at some time in our lives, so praise goes out to you for your important contribution.

This is: “Handyman”

Musically yours, Gregory