…… seasons gratitude love

Dropping in for a seasonal hello to one and all.

We are all so busy with our lives and spending time on social media we don’t often get the chance to just stop and breathe.
I pray you are as well as can be expected considering the times we are living in.
Fall is here and that means the holidays. I hope good things come from the quiet renewal time of the season. Perhaps we will all finally get that “thing” done that we were putting off… (whatever it is). Maybe we will read that book, listen to that podcast or finally subscribe to the uplifting youtube channel we’ve been meaning to.

I am so grateful to all of you who have been enjoying my latest music “Chill” and “Summer in the City”. It’s been a crazy and difficult year for everyone, and I am thankful to be able to continue doing what I love.

There is nothing better for an artist than to be appreciated for the kinds of musings that inspire them to create and that are in their heart and mind in the present.

As most of you know I am in the studio at the moment. I’m very excited to say I will have some wonderful new songs coming your way in 2022 🌹

Here’s a poem called “Autumn”by Amy Booth (Age 10)

Look at the different coloured leaves,

Swaying gently with the breeze,

Lovely reds, browns and greens,

All waiting to fall from the trees.

When they leave they twist and turn,

Ready to join the masses of fern,

Landing softly on the ground,

You can taste the smell of autumn, all around.

That’s it for now
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In the meantime, I wish you a blessed holiday season. Keep those you love close… and remember to stay kind.🕯️

 As always, I am musically yours