…… mother’s day

Happy Mothers Day

Its more challenging than ever to be a Mother today. 

A mother’s love is unconditional… all-encompassing. Long after we are grown, a mothers love is there… and comforting. It is eternal. In my life today I’m beginning to appreciate more and more those things that are eternal… those things that don’t fade away but become a part of the fabric of who you are. A mother’s love is such a thing. It is not ephemeral, it is permanent. 

Bless all Mothers and bless the quality and strength of love they give us. We can learn so much from them and we all can learn to be more “motherly” in the love that we give others, (even us men). 

 So, smile and feel proud you lovely ladies! …. this is YOUR DAY.. Happy Mothers Day.

Love you... Miss you... Mom
Love you… Miss you… Mom