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34 Responses to Photos

  1. Shirley Smith says:

    Wow, thanks Mr. Gregory for your great music. I know theres more behind those beautiful eyes and good-looks and I can tell that from the words you write. People should be more interested in what’s on the inside of people or what’s in the hearts of people instead of what’s on the outside. I really love the poised words and quotes you write, keep writing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are a very handsome man! Great pics of all the amazing 70s and 80s singers! I have to ask though, how do the fans get in touch with Barbara Weathers? Some of us have done fan pages and tributes to her and we would like for her to see it! I feel that there needs to be an appreciation show giving a tribute to ALL of you singers from the 60s to the 80s! I would say the 90s too but the 90s get plenty of love LOL.

    • Noemi Chapa says:

      Gregory Abbott I just want to say that your music is amazing and that I never get tired of listening to it. Even my son loves listening to it as well. I know that its hard right with this crisis that’s going on in the world right now. I just want to say be safe and take care of yourself and family and friends . Your friend always, Noemi🙏

  3. Regina says:

    Your look is so familiar , so handsome . You look exactly like my husband that passed away in 2009 , he would have been 67 . Your music brings back memories . They even fit in with the 21st. century . I love and enjoy your music . Even to this day, your music is still alive, and makes me feel memories of fun , love , romance , and friendships . God has truly blessed you with a beautiful voice . Keep up the great work . Lets bring this music back .

  4. Anthony says:

    Gregory, thank you so much for your music. It’s been ever present all of my 40 years pretty much. Shake you down is an amazing track and I listen to it most days. Thank you for existing

  5. Felicia says:

    Gregory, I first saw you on a daytime sitcom ‘One Life to Live’ I think it was. Not really sure.. You performed Shake you down!! I fell in love with your voice… I think you are awesome!! very soothing ballet voice.. You are pretty easy on the eyes as well..

  6. Ruth Ann McGhee says:

    hey gregory abbott i know your song shake you down came out before my time but i sure love seeing your handsome face in the video your a very handsome man even as you get older.

  7. Rita Venice Lovett says:

    Your song played on You Tube along with the O Jays and the Temptations singing some of my long time favorites but Shake You Down reminded me of happier times when we were young and so very much in love! That song cemented our marriage for 49 years and helped us to raise 5 daughters who are grown and gone! Thank you for reigniting those sparks that were still there after all those years!

  8. Graciëlle Hew A Kee says:

    I know it’s impossible and maybe a bit selfish, but how I wish you were immortal. So, for the rest of my life, I could come back to your page to find my daily inspiration to start each day. And, at the end of the day, to keep having the perfect way to recharge.
    Whether through your soul-touching music or your uplifting musings or your breathtaking pictures.

  9. Mary Smart says:

    Your ‘ Shake you down’ was my husband & mine’s song. He was killed in a head on accident. But it still sends shivers down my spine when i hear you sing this song. And i go back in time and remember all the good times we had when he was alive. Never met anyone i could or can like i did James. Thank you for writing such beautiful music.

    • and thank YOU for sharing such a beautiful memory…

      • Linda Comeaux says:

        As Time brings about Changes, I can Honestly say Your Looks And Music is so Refined. It seems to be that your Looks and Music go together so very well, sort of like that Soul Food you be Singing about. Much Admiration to such a Great Musician, Producer, Actor, Fantastic Human Being and let’s not forget the fact that you are Very Handsome, Good Looking Green Eyes and I could go On and On !!!

        • kathy wilkes says:

          You can bet on that!‼️ Love the song Shake You Down… Youre an Extremely good looking man!!‼️❤️❤️

    • Shirley Smith says:

      May God continue to bless you.

  10. Phil Davis says:


    Who was the backup singers in your video Shake You Down? Can’t seem to find any info about them on the web.


  11. Robin Walter says:

    Hi Gregory,

    I want to start off by saying what beautiful eyes you have! Thanks for writing a beautiful song Shake You Down it touched my heart as well as millions of others….thanks again. I can’t go back to when I grew up in the eighties but by listening to your music it has taken me there so again thank you and God Bless!!

  12. Rena E. Marslin says:

    To Gregory Abbott: Your voice is magical. I listen to all your music and your very handsome. I would love to meet you in person. I myself am a musician. I don’t sing with a group; I’m praying that in the future I will be able to sing as good as all the singers out there. I do practice every day but I’m still not yet ready. But I hope one day I will be able to sing and not be shy or scared in front of a crowd… Ms. Rena E. Marslin from Jamaica Queens New York…. Thanks for reading my comments bye.

    • Rhonda Pitts says:

      Hello Mr.Abbott it is good to find your website. My mother and I enjoyed your music. I remember her moving her head and singing “Shake you down’. She is no longer with us. Your music will always be feel good music. It reminds me of the era ,when music was well appreciated. Love songs and meaningful lyrics. When ever you decide to perform , I just need the where and when. Thank you Mr. Abbot

  13. Jennifer Rodd (La-La) says:

    Mr. Gregory Abbott, please let me start off by saying God is good all the time, I’m so glad God created you trust me he did not make any mistakes, you are perfect and just a masterpiece work of art. I’m forever a huge fan, I grew up with you my siblings and I, so we’ll never forget you.

    Shake you down and your albums are timeless, hey you are timeless and beloved, please don’t ever lose that gift or that beautiful spirit, the way this crazy world is today, please never change, I mean change for God and your soul for no one but him, he’s eternal.

    You belong to us forever you, your God-given gifts and your classic beloved timeless music. Take care of yourself, if I never get a chance to meet you, please take care of yourself, put God first, and hope for more classic hit music, also never forget me. I Love and care for you so much, you are a KING, and my KING. I LOVE THAT NAME Gregory, because of you and Gregory hines. two beautiful gorgeous talented brothers, they don’t make them like you any more. I wish we wouldn’t meant
    a whole lot early in life, maybe we would have been soulmates or something. (crying).

    I’m going to say goodbye now, I’ll meet you in my dreams. Be blessed. we love you so much and I hope my son looks like you and grows up to mentor you as his mentor and rolemodel, and I enjoy hearing “SHAKE YOU DOWN” on the radio. It’s one beloved song just like you. love you and God bless you never give up – Jennifer La-La Rodd

  14. Dr. Willena Beemer says:

    Happy to see you are still producing music. You have an incredible talent.
    your music makes me smile. 😀

    Best Wishes

  15. Meshanti Merchant says:

    Wow! I just can’t believe that throughout my time listening to these thrilling songs, they were actually sung by a wonderful God fearing soul, no other but you Mr Abbott. You really thrilled my soul with, ” I’ll prove it to you”. Yes, am currently listening to it while writing. Thank you for all the amazing songs that you sing, and I’m sure each and every one touches someone’s heart with great meaning.

    For sure, I personally love music and enjoy watching your music video “prove it”. I would very much like to attend one of your performances. I am currently living in London and can travel to see you live. Please reply. God bless you and be spiritually filled with God’s richest blessings.

  16. Greg Ouellette says:

    Always a pleasure to read something about you really never knew anything about besides a few songs from another era of your life. Finding out just a bit adds some texture and warmth to the songs when the story is such as yours. Thanks for making art that can trigger great memories of a season of my life that you were part of. Appreciate your kind nature and authenticity.
    Be well good sir. Be well.

  17. tINA sTRODE says:


      • Megon Z says:

        I just cant get over how seeing you for the first time at 10yrs old made me feel. You are a great idol for young men. Hope you are well !

    • Lois Prince says:

      Well, quite an impressive resume, and such a glorious life and accomplicements. You are All that and the “bag of Chips. I feel honored just for you to even have the time to give your fans the thumbs up. You are a GOOD GUY

      • Lois Prince says:


  18. Star says:


    I spent several hours on your site today. Just wanting to know how your day went… Viewing your pics and hearing your voice helped me to feel better. Thanks.

    Try some rosemary condiment sprinkled on your pillow covered with a soft towel. Breath deeply, relax and sleep well.

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