I received a post and the subject matter really resonated for me. I want to share it.

From: Eva Rose
on January 28, 2014 at 9:16 pm said:

Karen I always try to think of the appropriate words or phrase to describe your beautiful family and I think you hit it out the park with “Keep it Coloured”..For the people who think its insulting to be called ‘coloured”..well they should meet you all. The same people who think its insulting spend $$ or wish they had the complexion of you coloured people. And the way you spell it suits you just fine..to the American way… But we have to let the people know Karen that you have to , stay long in the sun to match your “coloured” relatives skin tone. Because, you are white to Americans but Caucasian to your people..& your lovely other half is a fine West Indian brother….making your children coloured.

Gregory, and the fans who don’t know you…. by now should be saying “what the heck is going on? What’s the point of this? I was just wondering Why are we so comfortable calling ourselves Black or White?. I am wearing a black pants & a white top and I match neither one. So tell me “who got my point of view?
I am coloured
Eva Rose Munoz

Here’s my reply:
I am with you on this one Eva. Black and white are certainly terms that don’t describe accurately a persons complexion. I find them limiting terms that separate and divide and don’t express the true diversity of what we are and who we are becoming… Here in America, what we term “African-Americans” are all mixtures of so many… from native to hispanic to european. I live in a multicultural world and I celebrate multiculturalism. I’m proud of all the components of which I am made. I even have “white” friends that after doing DNA tests come to find out that they have as much “black” in them as I have “white” in me. Go figure… But in all honesty what does it matter? It’s the culture a person identifies with that determines their style… What’s most important to me is a person’s character and in that character I always like to see a massive dose of tolerance.

Thank you for the post.
Anyone else wish to contribute?