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The place 4 Biz and Licensing

Our publishing company is Grabbitt Music. All inquiries regarding the use of our titles should be directed here.
We are in the process of re-recording our Sony-Columbia masters so that parties can deal exclusively with us on both the publishing [sync] and [master] label rights as an option. We have several versions of our mega-hit “Shake You Down” already available.
We handle music licenses for film, television and commercials as well as mechanical and international licenses on various projects. If you are using, or wish to use one of our songs, you must request a license.
Please send requests and questions to us at the e-mail address below. Our PRO is BMI. We have a wide range of material for many types of projects and if you’re in need of something particular, let us know.
Our label is Mojo Man Entertainment and we house a 32 bit hard disc recording studio for providing clients with tailored music for their artist, label, film and television projects.
It is also the facility in which Gregory Abbott’s record productions and co- productions stem.
Please send license requests via the e-mail below. Thank you.
CONTACT: Ms. D. Levister, GM
All Rights Reserved.
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