…… it’s time for summer music

As many of you know…. my new single is out. I am so glad to see you enjoying the romantic summer vibe.. there is nothing like summer music for engaging in good times.
We have had more than our share of stress lately. In light of this, and with the winter months behind us, I thought it would be nice to write a warm weather song. One where we remember our connection to each other and more importantly to love.
We just released the music video “Summer in the City” on YouTube today. Be on the lookout for the upload directly to Facebook.
Here are some blurbs about the release and links to some really great reviews.
smoothjazz.com says: As he celebrates a remarkable 35 years since his #1 Billboard pop/R&B smash (“Shake You Down”), singer/songwriter Gregory Abbott is still moving us, with this musical invitation into the sultry, romantic flow of the season with his infectious, slow simmering single, “Summer in the City.” It’s the perfect summer soundtrack that that adds emotional heft to his prolific legacy of singles. With just a tinge of balmy Latin energy reflecting his Venezuelan/Antiguan parentage, the song creates a perfect slow dance mood while showcasing his lush, soulful lead voice as he interacts playfully with a flirty chorus of shinning backing female vocals. Make some new memories with Gregory Abbott’s “Summer in the City”!
Lastly, I want to bring to your attention an imposter on YouTube to be aware of. While we are working on getting our final verification badges for Instagram and YouTube please be aware that there are always scammers out there. I want to publicly post the fakers email address and YouTube link and what he is saying so that you may be more aware. Please report this person, block him and do not attempt to speak to them… as they are up to no good.
They are using the address gregoryabbottofficial@gmail.com and they seem mostly to use “hangouts” or Whatsapp. This is not my email address and I am on neither whatsapp nor do I use google hangouts.
His fake YT channel is __https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGdg9kFUqzz1vDFxD43KLfg He says: “I want to Specially appreciate you for being a big fan. Thanks for your nice comment onmy post, it  means a lot to me. I want you to send me a direct message via gregoryabbottofficial@gmail.com, or send your WhatsApp number.”… there are variations on this theme
fake account notice
So that’s that… Stay safe. I hope covid wise, things in your areas have begun to open up and we continue to regain our freedoms safely… Now… on to some summer music.
“Fly through the world like a peaceful dove…. sing a pretty song, spread a little love.”

Musically yours, Gregory

Musically yours, Gregory
Musically yours, Gregory