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Gregory Abbott
Gregory Abbott

Many of us have grown up in a multi-cultural setting…. the circumstances of multi-cultural existence can teach you to be strong and resourceful as so many of you are…

While many of you have attained a certain satisfactory level of accomplishment; (a place that “fits”) whatever that may be, the other piece of the puzzle is to achieve balance and harmony. Our experience teaches us that conflict is counter productive and so, in order to achieve our goals we must attempt to grapple with the difficulties of life while still maintaining a sense of peace and harmony.

I’ve been thinking about the Boston Marathon bombing and find that once again that cherished sense of harmony is threatened. My prayers go out the victims and their families. However justified the gripes of the perpetrators may be, in the end I believe violence is not the remedy for the simple reason that it never works for all concerned. There is always a loser. We are “all one” and any attempt at solution will only last if it is a win/win situation. Violent acts are not a win/win situation.

I believe we will ultimately unite as human beings and that love will prevail. The good will win out, even though I’m sure to all of us it feels like it will never happen soon enough. This is a hard lesson to learn and one that often runs counter with our emotions i.e. the anger, frustration or hurt that we feel when we are mistreated or things don’t go our way. Its taken me a while to learn this lesson for myself.

Perhaps you feel the same. Perhaps this is what binds us together…. So here’s to a brighter future where there are so many of us lovers, that we wash over conflicts and obstacles like a mighty rogue wave.

Glad to hear and see that so much friendship has come from the trip to Carnival.

Quote: For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind… Ralph Waldo Emerson

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