good things happening…

Hey Everybody,

There are some good things happening and we wanted to keep you posted.

The new album is picking up sales and airplay so we’re all pretty excited….

I recently hosted a radio show called “Timeout” where I choose 24 of my favorite songs. Its for one of the largest online radio stations in Europe called JazzNet247. So, if you’re looking for a relaxing and romantic time, grab your honey and tune in for a couple of hours…. I also play a few of my songs from the new “Drop Your Mask” CD. It was really fun to play DJ! Here’s the link-

Out next month (we think) I was happy to learn that I will be featured on the cover of TruEntertainment Magazine.

And, as a last minute request from my label, I was invited back to do another live interview on the Jimmy Star Radio Show yesterday. The podcast of the show will be up in a few weeks. I know many of you missed it because we didn’t have time to let you know, so the link is on my web site if you’d like to listen sooner.

While live on the show, I heard that the legendary Dick Clark passed away. I was very sorry to hear. He, his wife, and son have been absolute angles to me throughout my musical career. Dick produced many shows, and those that had anything to do with music- he always slotted me into, to help promote my songs and build my musical presence. Such a genuine lover of music was he, and such a straight forward well meaning human being. I can’t say enough good about he and his family. Whew! Here he is introducing me on “The Magic of Music”.

Lastly, featured on The Jazz Queen Show is my CD “Drop Your Mask.” Hear it in its entirety Friday, April 20th on WINR ( ) at 6pm/pt; 7pm/mt; 8pm/ct; and 9pm/et. If you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, this would be a good time.

Best to you all.

Be in touch soon.

Musically yours,


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