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Hey everyone. Its been a while so I thought I would spend some time here. I am so happy with those of you following my personal posts… it just feels more… intimate than other social networks alone. I am hopeful that folks who find me from places like FB, twitter or instagram take a minute to sign up here as well. Thank you in advance

Summer is fast turning into fall and as many of you know it’s my favorite season.

I released my new single recently… a cover version of the classic Sam and Dave song “When Something Is Wrong With My Baby”.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did performing it; and if so-  that you share… tweet or like both the posts and the video…… https://youtu.be/O_QnF4V1t5s

Here’s a “Throwback Thursday” photo I posted recently on other social media of myself with legendary singers Andrae Crouch and Howard Hewett.

Gregory Abbott with Howard Hewett and Gospel Singer Andrae Crouch


Global Cooperation MONTH!

Well it is October after all! You think I’d forget? lol 🙂

For those of you not familiar: I am a big supporter of enterprises that encourage  a sustainable world for all. A few years ago Professor Liz Greenwell began an initiative summed up in her documentary “No Chance To Paint The Canvas”. Her initiatives are now connected to the United Nations.  I began my involvement through her son Adam Greenwell and Radio Producer and Host Martha Samasoni from New Zealand, when they asked me to participate with both my music and my thoughts on the environment. Ms Samasoni produced a 24 hour musical simulcast for the endeavor which was brilliant (and still one of my favorite undertakings). Myself, along with many others (both individual and corporate) from around the globe such as Energime University, Forest Nation, and the Earth System Science Partnership simply wish to bring attention to the notion of cooperating globally so that we can make the world sustainable for all. October 4th, on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, starts off the event.  Forest Nation, has an initiative also, to plant trees and I have suggested this to you… my fans over the years. Many of you have done so. I am so very proud that you took the time to do what you could. To my mind, planting  trees is both an actual and symbolic act to keep in mind that each small thing we do can make a difference. Click on some of the links above to help better understand this huge but essential undertaking. I come from humble but proud beginnings, and I have been blessed with a good life and success; I will never forget that “there but for the grace of God go I”. There are many in this world that don’t even have the basic necessities…. and we must do our part. Global Cooperation, to me, is about making sure that both people AND THE EARTH HERSELF are healthy. We are the caretakers.

It is said that part of the philosophy of native peoples around the globe is when making choices, to always think through seven generations ahead….  I wrote this song before learning about Global Cooperation Day but feel it sums up its essence. It’s called “For Come Ya” which is a Caribbean slang meaning “before we came here”


times we act like we are indestructible as if our actions don’t have consequences no, not ever
mother earth has seen the unconscionable their will come a time when we cant even put her back together
there’s a connection to every action minds of the ancients planned generations we’re so obsessed with our own satisfaction what will we do now?
CHORUS the rhythm of life must have been nice such a fine site for come ya reaching for the light its our sacred right to make it like it was for come ya
when will we learn?
who can tell you the real meaning of success? most are looking for a greater kind of compensation in our memories there’s a higher consciousness maybe here is where we’ll finally find our true salvation
so much destruction no satisfaction try standing still and if you are willing you’ll find the answers there right inside you lets simplify our lives
when will we learn?

Pet Peeve: The news has gotten so bad its hard sometimes to stay positive and focused. But remember there is good out there and its happening all the time. The media often doesn’t highlight the good, opting instead for sensationalism. We should remember that there is something good in all of us and therefore good stories to tell.  To find these stories you can’t just tune into the local news. You have to go deeper…  So while wars are being fought, and this insane election is at hand in the US and injustices continue to happen both here and abroad, we will deal with them and fight for justice….. But let’s stop for a moment and focus on some good stories after which we can go back to the fight; hopefully feeling a little more refreshed… a bit more balanced and centered (at least I hope so 🙂

Here we go: Theres a new study that shows how music boosts the immune system of cancer patients pretty cool…

And one about a homeless man who turned down five thousand dollars. There are many types of homeless people to my mind; some suffer from mental illness- or drug use- and then there are those who have slipped below the poverty line due to unforeseen circumstances… Most homeless people don’t really want a hand out— they want what this man wanted.

Ahhh the benefits of an epson salt bath bluezones

I get a lot of compliments on how timeless I look. (Thank you). Well I have to admit I’ve lived fairly healthy most of my life. I came across this article and thought I would share. If you have’t heard about “the blue zone” check it out.

Lastly, here’s something for you cats and dog lovers that I found amusing. https://youtu.be/qTzSiPtlncY If you’re heavy into face time and chatting… now you can do so with your pet (why keep them out of the loop? 

Have a listen to a favorite of mine called “Handyman”

I found this to be a most interesting story: Judge Less = Appreciate More https://youtu.be/HaAGnveKuL8

My quotes for this session: northern-lights-quote fallpumpkinsquote I am truly grateful to all of you for your support. Be well and be safe.  And VOTE. 

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