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…… new single release

 Hello everyone….

I’m excited to let you know I’ll be releasing a new single

March 16th!

Its called “Searchin’ 4 the 1”

…… an Island flavored danceable tune that sings about the hope of one day finding love… presented  in a fun light hearted way. 

So please be on the lookout ….

As some of you already know… lol… there is a fun new design for the shop…. I guess my artsy fairies were listening when you all mentioned how much you liked the recent shot we posted on social media…. I like it and think it’s perfect for spring….

Sustainable Development Goal #3

Is to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Major progress has been made in improving the health of millions of people, increasing life expectancy, reducing maternal and child mortality and fighting against leading communicable diseases*. However, progress has stalled or is not happening fast enough with regard to addressing major diseases, such as malaria and tuberculosis.

At least half the global population does not have access to essential health services and many of those who do– suffer undue financial hardship (due to the high costs of health care), potentially pushing them into extreme poverty.

Note: *The coronavirus has been a real tradegy all over the world affecting thousands of people…. Please be careful. I think at this point everyone is aware of the things to watch out for…. But just in case I want to put a link here for those who might want to re-read it or learn further.

Let’s celebrate our female heroes.

… and since as a child I went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and sang in the choir… I’d like to take a moment to wish all my Irish fans

Happy St Patrick’s Day…

“Looking forward to the future and grateful for the past”


“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we  may fear less…


Thank you all for your support…. As always, I am Musically yours, Gregory

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This year for Black History Month I thought I’d share the stories Thurgood Marshall and Hazel Scott.

Justice Thurgood Marshall…

never stopped having empathy for the common folk and the disadvantaged” and he used the law to help those folk…. Regardless of color. He proved a tremendous force for good and is someone that everyone should know about. Here is a short 8 minute clip…. you won’t be disappointed. 

Hazel Scott

was a Trinidadian-born jazz and classical pianist, singer and actor. She was also an activist. Here is her story….

Here are some of my songs of romance….. 

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone –  we find it with one another.

Thomas Merton

My staff here at  thought they’d have a bit of fun and came up with this Valentine’s Day t-shirt. lol

“I know of only one duty and that is to love”

Albert Camus


I wrote recently about my long term interest in learning about and understanding how to address … as a planet… a sustainable future for all. There are seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals  that were adopted in 2015 by countries all over the world. I spoke about the first… which is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere.

The SECOND is to end HUNGER

World hunger is caused by so much more than a shortage of food. Even in places where food is plentiful or can be grown, challenges like disasters, conflict or poverty prevent people from accessing it. Imagine…. if one of us was living in a country that made the basic necessity of food a challenge….People in poverty generally spend between 60 and 80 percent of their income on food, which can force them to prioritize feeding their families over meeting other basic needs or reaching long-term goals, like sending their children to school. If an emergency strikes, they may need to skip meals in order to cope financially — and the cycle of hunger continues.

Despite decades of progress in reducing world hunger, 2017 saw increases in the number of people who are hungry. More than 820 million people still go to bed hungry every night — that’s one in every nine people who don’t have the food they need to live a healthy, productive life.

What can WE do?
Well…. here are a few ideas people are coming up with…. Non profits are doing most of the work and there is no one way to do this. It takes a group effort on the part of all of us. The main thing is to be aware that this is happening….

Borgen Project

Ten Things That You Can Do To Fight World Hunger

Top 100 Eco Friendly Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020

As always, I am musically yours, Gregory

P. S. My prayers for an effective end to the threat of the coronavirus.

A World Health Organization committee is set to meet for the second time in a week to decide whether the outbreak is a global health emergency. Today’s meeting comes as the number of confirmed cases surpassed 7,700 worldwide, most of them in China

UPDATE: The virus has now been declared a global health emergency.

…… where we’ve been, where we’re headed

Thank you all. My “Shake You Down” Video is about to reach 50 MILLION PLAYS


First off I’d like to say Thank You. The support I receive from you now and throughout the years…. all of you…… from every generation is wonderfully overwhelming. That my “Shake You Down” Video  is about to (or by the time I post this, has) reached 50 MILLION PLAYS is such a great milestone for me. I truly appreciate all the love and support. So thank you thank you thank you…. (and here’s to reaching 60 Million!)


I always feel good around nature don’t you? It’s one of the ways I can count on to be uplifted. Sometimes you just need to leave the city energy  for a minute… and go to a park.. hike on a trail… look at the water… or be in the woods…. It really is a beautiful world when you look at it this way.

With all that has been going on in the world; its especially important to take care of our spirit. It’s also important to take care of our planet. My family and I  have been particularly interested in learning more and more about how to make good choices regarding both our health and the planet. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could truly have a sustainable future for everybody? I pray for this.

In the weeks to come, I thought I might share a bit about what I’ve learned. After all– I can only write music if I am feeling positive enough to be inspired… Similarly… people can only enjoy music if they are feeling like they have enough… In my mind, if folks  are more or less healthy and happy, that puts them in a state of mind to enjoy things like music… art… or dance… etc….  And so… because this is a part of who I am, I would like to tell you about some of the things going on around the world regarding sustainability….  how we’ve progressed… and what we need to do. 

My request of you all is simply that if inspired to do so… that you share any links I may provide so that others become informed as well.  Feel free to ask questions too and if I don’t know the answer… I will try and find out.

About the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. 

This United Nations Agenda was adopted in 2015 by all countries (developed and developing) and is basically a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet now and into the future. I think we need to focus on issues like this more than ever. They have studied the topic around the world and have come up with seventeen sustainable development goals or “SDGs” Their first is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere. 

I don’t know about where you are, but here in California we have homeless crisis. This especially effects people of color. Not all homeless people are drug users or suffer from mental illness (although there needs to be effective programs to help these people).  Many are regular folks that got upside down on a mortgage or lost their jobs. And many (as I have spoken to some); are still going to work… some have children. 

What can we do about the homeless crisis? One of the main things we can do is to contact our local representative’s and lets them know that we are a concerned citizen.

Got canned goods and other non-perishables stacked in your kitchen? Throw them in a box and donate them.

We all have at least a few items of clothes we’re not wearing. If you’ve got too much stuff hidden away in drawers, or are looking for a way to maximize closet space, clear out the excess and donate it.

I love the community garden idea that I see and read about popping up all over the country. I’m a member of one. Spaces that used to be vacant  are turning into gardens for the neighborhood to use and tend and bring fresh grown produce to inner city dwellers.

There’s camaraderie, information exchange… you get to know your neighbors…… all kinds of good things happen…. And well… there’s that nature thing again that makes you feel good… 

Check out this YouTube video… Very inspiring. 

And here’s a link to my friend Steward W. Bosley Jr’s “Urban Growers Community Farm”

Gregory Abbott during a wine harvest….


I’m planning to release a new single  shortly…. “Searchin’ 4 the 1″…. rhythmic….. ethnic…. fun…… we had a good time doing it. 

Smooth Jazz anyone?

As my uber fans already know, I try and put out music that makes you feel something… it doesn’t matter the genre…. I look at music as something that comes from a deep place that tells “me” what “it” wants to be not the other way around…

On that note;  I’m also planning a release of some smooth jazz this year that I’m really excited about. Be on the lookout.


Never let anyone tell you your standards are too high.

Do the right thing…. even if no one is watching.

As always, I am musically yours