In my life I try and follow this dictum… I’m not big on competition so I try not to focus my attention on being better than someone else, but rather focus on being the best that I can be and always work to stretch beyond my limits. I get lots of help in this pursuit. My angels are always there to help me and move me forward. Many aspects of competition I find damaging and destructive. There’s always the focus on things outside of ourselves when its inside where the real transformation and magic can occur. I would consider it a successful life if at the end of it I could see I had evolved and done the most with the gifts I’ve been given and the opportunities that have been presented to me… and I love to see other people doing the same thing in their lives. I believe each one of us is unique, and trying to be like someone else is confusing and misses the point… we should only compare ourselves to what we were formerly, and how we have progressed from there. Planning out our own lives is not only the best way to reach our goals… but the surest way of avoiding becoming an unhappy pawn in someone else’s plan.