Happy season of joy and abundance!

Winter… the time to go inward and underground, as I sit here warm by the fire, I know it is the perfect time to look back on how far we’ve come this year.

Feel free to post anything that has brought you a sense of ‘feel good’ and positivity in 2022. Sharing upbeat news is always a good thing.

Sending smiles across the miles in gratefulness to you all for your kind support.

I will be releasing a new single around February!!… (hopefully in time of Valentines Day); so be on the lookout for lots of talk and excitement about that. Can’t say much more at this time. It is always so helpful when you share with your friends family and acquaintances… so THANK YOU.

We plan on spending a bit more time on my official youtube channel @gregoryabbottmusic so please find me there.

And lastly, here’s wishing you health, happiness, joy and peace. Whatever your faith, I wish you blessings.

May 2023 bring us all closer together. And… I hope through the universal language of music, to add drops of joy to your days and to the world.

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