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  1. Wait Until Tomorrow is a Classic Love Song to me because if you Wait it usually works out for the Best. No need to Rush when Love is Involved.

  2. When you’re on the Beach or at a Picnic is a good time to listen to ” I Can See Clearly” because you really can. Looking up at the Beautiful Sky and White Clouds floating by. The Sun Shining ever so Brightly. It’s nice , warm and refreshing . Now that is what I consider to be A Bright Sunshiny Day. Sing On Gregory.

  3. It is such a beautiful thing when you realize that you’re with the one who thinks like you think and wants the same things in life that you want. When you put it together you have The Rhythm and The Rhyme. This is Truly a Remarkable Song. I just Love this Song.

  4. Without You is such a Beautiful Song. It warms the Depths of my Soul and Reminds me what Real Love Is and actually Feels Like. It makes me Feel that Real Love could Still be in Existance. Love It # Keep True R&B Soul Alive#

  5. Sexual is a Very Smooth, Silky, Sexy Song that puts you in the Mood for a Very Special Confidential Day or Night of Sweet Romance.

  6. Things That Means The Most 2 Me is just another Wonderful Song Gregory. The Best Place to Keep these Things is in Your Heart. A Very Safe Place that No One Can Take Away From You. A Very Safe Place for Love. This Song Makes you hold Your Head High Up and Let Nothing Keep You Down. Lots of Positive Vibes, We Need That in This World.

  7. Middle of Harlem is a song I truly love. You embrace your Caribbean and R&B Roots. This songs tells the truth about life and the way it use to be. I love the way you just Keep it Real. Your music doesn’t get Old,it just get Better and Better. Thanks 👍

  8. I love to listen to Sure Feels Good, the upbeat music goes so well with the song. Makes you want to get up and dance and just enjoy life. A very Happy song. Love It.

  9. Just want to say your Videos just don’t get “OLD”. They get better and better. It’s always a Good Time to watch your Videos and let your Music take you to that Happy place that you want to be. It just makes you feel so much better. Thanks.

  10. Hii Gregory,just listening to Miracles. This song is so true. What happened to peace and helping a neighbor. It’s so much hatred in this world and for no reason. People can change and Miracles really puts everything in a perspective way that we all can understand. xoxo

  11. I’ll Prove It To You is a very nice song and a great video to watch. I love the fact that you’re using your voice and body in the song. It just send out a poweful statement. Nice Choreography it goes so very well with the song. Much Love for your Beautiful Music.

  12. You have a Song for whatever MOOD you may be in and that is Great. Be it Soulful, R&B, Carribean, Spanish or whatever language you Sing. The Combination of your Musical Singing is OFF THE CHART. More like ” ASTRONOMICAL. Waiting on more of your VIDEOS. # 1 FAN

  13. Beautiful music Gregory, your songs just keep getting better and better with deep emotional meaning. Keep those songs coming. If you listen with your heart your mind will understand the meaning of the song.

  14. You sing from the very depth of your Heart, Soul, and Mind. That makes your music so very unique and one of a kind. Your Style is ” Gregory Abbott Only.” Much Love, Your Musical Listener.

  15. Happy Father’s Gregory, i hope you have a blessed and great day. Enjoying ur music 🎶, I’m always on my blog playing different songs of yours, thanks!!!!

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