……united kingdom

Well I’ll be off to the United Kingdom in a few days for the “Time of My Life” tour…..

I decided to bump up my dress a little bit; since I’ll be performing with such a classy bunch of folks.

Pier Head- Liverpool

Hope to see some sites while I’m there. The photo above is of Pier Head, Liverpool.



And, of course The Beatles are from Liverpool


I will try and keep you posted via Facebook and Twitter. Don’t know how my internet connect will be. I’ve bought every adapter known to man……wish me luck.


See you soon.

My quote for this post:

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not”


Musically yours, Gregory

greg classic2

2 thoughts on “……united kingdom

  1. What up G? Its great that you are amongst all those voices to preform in England Drew & I was suppose to be there for August until September, but we’re getting lazy & have no desire to travel. Sounds like we are in our 70-80’s huh. Island life is Pure Paradise…and its just hard to pack up and travel, unless its another island..a stones..throw..away.
    Anyhow enjoy yourself and some of the Original G-Fans..will be there to support & witness “Greatness on Stage”

  2. Dear Gregory
    So great to hear about The UK Tour, with you and all those other Artist. No doubt its gonna be Epic. Not sure if you have seen Swetlana’s post on Facebook, about us showing up in the audience. Don’t worry I will be there to keep them grounded and away from their dreams of getting close to you to do any kind of “shaking down.

    Have a safe trip

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