…..”Time of My Life” Tour Album

I would like to personally thank the cities of: Newcastle, Preston, Liverpool, York, Stockport, and Rhyl for such a warm welcome and all the wonderful support.

greg classic2

Below is my Gallery of the tour. (Hover your mouse over an image to freeze it).  

I will be posting some live performances on Youtube shortly.

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gregory_abbott_sheila_fergusongregory_abbott_barbara_weathers_atlantic_starGregory_Abbott_David_Gest gregory_abbott_billy_Paul gregory_abbott_denise_williams gregory_abbott_cece_penniston  gregory_abbott_bass_otto_williamsgregory_abbott_bill_medleygregory_abbott_des_ramus_sharon_ballard gregory_abbott_dorothy_mooregregory_abbott_alle_pearce  gregory_abbott_the_tymes_vocalgroup gregory abbott bill medley propsgregoryabbott_bill_medley_mckenna_medley_Plaza_Stockport_UK gregoryabbott_red_phonebooth_uk gregoryabbott_theatregregory_abbott_dorothy_moore_billy_paul_bill_medley

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