……spring and g-sound radio

Yachting on the Petaluma River

Yachting on the Petaluma River

Happy Spring folks.

Winter was harsh on the East Coast  but it should be finally ending. Here on the West Coast Spring is everywhere. Flowers are blooming and there’s that fresh new green color all over. The air feels cleaner and rains (we very much-needed) are about ending, so Happy Spring!

I’ve been able to get out more on my yacht and that for me is always a good thing… (see pic above).

G-Sound Radio show…

Below are the links to our new radio show. This first show is in TWO parts… I hope you enjoy the mix. If you’d like to leave a comment, please do so here.

[bandcamp width=550 height=642 track=1624867515 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=63b2cc tracklist=false]

[bandcamp width=550 height=642 track=363685871 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=7137dc tracklist=false]

Changes regarding the release

We will be following the sage example of many of our artist friends and releasing our new EP through CD Baby exclusively. It will be available as either a digital download or Compact Disc through our own label. So yes, we will be selling both hard and digital copies of the album.


How far  you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong….. because someday in your life you will have been all of these… George Washington Carver

That’s it for this one.  Enjoy the Radio Show. 

And, as always I am musically yours,


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  1. I noticed that you changed part of this post. It spoke previously about illegal downloads. Now I’m the kind of person that doesn’t normally write in. I prefer to read instead, but I didn’t want this post to go by without addressing the subject and letting you know that your fans in this neck of the woods; Atlanta (whoop whoop) understand and are with you 100%.

    Its hard not to get free music these days with technology being what it is but we understand that this is a problem for most artists and songwriters today- so we periodically try and offset it by downloading and showing our support. I really can’t imagine how much hard work, time and money it takes to actually do the “Magic” you do, but I do realize that much of what an artist gives back to their fans is free: photos, appearances, charities, interviews…(like your radio show for example… loved it btw!) Those of us who just want to keep you in our world don’t really think about this kind of thing very often…. and you do more than many celebrities do, and have always been classy and kind and responded to us fans. I for one value and cherish that.

    In fact I can not imagine my life without your music in it. That’s been true for the last 30 years and I’ll do whatever it takes to help ensure another 30. I want you to know that my friends and I respect and appreciate you. You are a treasure to us.

    Please never stop doing what you’re doing. We will always be here for you. You are one of the “Things That Mean The Most 2 Us” (OK I think I ran a little long… sorry, I tried to keep it short but I had a lot to say! lol). Can’t wait for the new release Gregory.

  2. Beverly Malwin posted:

    Beautiful, wrote on your blog, but not sure it posted, and thought how wonderful the mind is that beautiful music can transport us back in time. just the two of us ,,,, song took me back to my young dental student hubby and our lives,,,, so full of hope, passion, excitement for the future. Now we are older, but ahhhh the memories, Thank you for sharing yourself and your songs with us,,,You bless so many.

  3. Once again Gregory a great blog. I for one understand your passion for music & the Industry. That would have been my first choice in career, but never got blessed with the voice to sing; but have been in a boy band as a guitar player most of my adult life. We play for fun & relaxation.
    Going on the road now, but I will listen to the Radio Show later & let you know what I think
    Nuff Respect Bro

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