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I’ve been on spiritual retreat. I needed this. Many aspects of today’s world are distressing. I’ve been told creative types have a hard time with these things anyway.

The battle continues however. I mean the battle for things like “the good, the ethical, the compassionate,  the fair. We must battle for us to stay happy and well in our day to day lives while some of the things we see happening around us test our beliefs.  This has come as a surprise to many of us, but these are the times we are living in. I think it was Frederick Douglass who said that without a struggle there can be no progress… so the struggle continues.

My heart goes out to so many. Puerto Rico, the several hurricanes in Houston, Florida and the Caribbean where my little sister Island of Barbuda was all but destroyed… Saint Martin… the fires in Napa… this list goes on…

While we struggle in our daily lives redefining friendships and keeping those we love even closer; I wanted to bring a bit of sunshine to you all. I am releasing a new single in a few weeks. It is a cover of the Steven Bishop song “On and On” I am posting it exclusively for you here as a pre-release until I release it on iTunes, cdbaby etc….

The only objection I’ve ever had with this song is the line “steal your money then they break your heart” when referring to pretty Jamaican women. That line never worked for me so I changed it.  You lovely ladies will always be the “cats meow” to me. #igotyourback

I think the song’s slight melancholy feel with the sweet, soft Caribbean groove that ends with the message to “keep on trying” is what I’ve been feeling as of late. How ’bout you? To use a boxing analogy: losing a few rounds in no way means you have lost the fight.

There is hope. There are people doing incredible things and continuing to try despite the state of the world. It is my belief that we ALL need to do SOMETHING… whether its donations for the less fortunate…. prayer… or just a random act of kindness so as to give others hope too.

I believe diversity is beautiful. Tolerance is mandatory. There is only one race and one planet and that planet is our home. Let’s put it in order.





Wishing you all a joyous FALL season  (my favorite)….

Enjoy the festivities with friends and family.



I am truly thankful for my life… my love… my music and for all of YOU!

Until next time…. continue to be well. Please like this post, comment, or share if you wish.


As always I am Musically yours, Gregory


10 thoughts on “……on and on

  1. Hello Sir Gregory. Hope that all is well with you. This one song keeps pondering in my head that I’ve recently had an opportunity to listen to. For some reason I can somehow envision your voice singing this song as a revision to the original song. The name of it is Tennessee Whiskey. Your VOCALS seem to hit that high pitch, and I’m aware that you record and produce your own music. But if you don’t mind, take a shot at this song in your spare time, and see what you think about it. Put your talent to work. I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy Life to its Fullest. I once learned that The Only Journey Worthwhile Is Finding Yourself. Take care Sir Gregory😊

  2. On & On is WORDS of Inspiration & Hope. Like you said ,in these times of Distress, one figure, where can you turn, what hope is there for the future. Will times get Better or Not. So you live your life on Life’s terms best way possible, and you keep going On & On. Makes you wanna Shake Things Down, get a firm grip on Life and tell yourself, I’ll Prove It You I can go On & On, and Never Feeling Its Over!!! You Go On & On. Thx. Sir Gregory😊

  3. Plus plus my love for one man friend on and on.. bathe my soul with love in spirit …as the sun does on a bright summer day as fall is here. That’s how strong my love is…true love never fades for one and for many. Hope you like this

  4. Woo! Gregory, I said it once before that you always make it Better than the originals. This “On and On” is no different with your Caribbean twist to it. But, my only objection to the song is the verse that says that you are ready to “Toss Up Your Heart To See where It Land. To me that verse could have been revised, because,I see you as CAREFULLY! Tossing that “Precious Heart Of PURE GOLD up and NOT CARING what happens to it after that. Well, the problem is that it may ( LAND INTO THE WRONG HANDS) to be Misused and abused once more. But, I know that you are SELECTIVE, so how can you do it. Meanwhile I’m standing in the wings waiting and watching seeing what’s about to happen, and I yell out loud, “HOLD ON DONT DO IT!!! I’m coming to you so HOLD TIGHT. I run to you you,see me running to get (MY HEART) from you, that is YOUR HEART ❤️. You abruptly, pause, without saying one word to me, I asked softly that you give it to me. I DID NOT STEAL YOUR HEART OR TAKE IT BY FORCE. But, I gestured with my hands stretch out to receive it so ever gently into my hands. And, you GIVES it to me WILLINGLY. Don’t you SEE what would happen if some unexpecting person walking alone stumbling over YOUR HEART ON THE GROUND and pick it up looking at it playing with it some more and thinking that “ Oh! It Must Not Be Worthy of Love ❤️ SENSE SOMEONE THREW IT OUT “ and they do the same thing, by throwing it down, and moving on. Then this is where I come in showing you the worthyness of a BROKEN HEART because, I know the value of a broken heart, it can be fragile but It is Also a STRONG HEART. I RECEIVE YOUR BROKEN HEART AND DUST IT GLUE IT TOGETHER AND POLISH IT UP TO WHERE NO ONE EVER SUSPECTED that it was ever BROKEN IN THE FIRST PLACE. Then, I would place it in a glass container for the world to see, on a PELISTAL ABOVE MY FIREPLACE to keep it warm. I seeks just that kind of a Heart in a man that have been mended time and time again where HE WILL NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES AGAIN and AGAIN But he keeps on trying Until he “KNOWS “ that he has finally found the right LOVE ❤️ WELL, that’s my version of that song and (IM STICKING TO IT!!!!😋👌🏿👍🏿😍😜😜

  5. Never giving up on love of people even if they are not kind there are always those that double up the kindness they reach out with hugs and kisses when you least expect it…so on any given day there is also happiness..when one doesn’ t love you someone else will and they show it without a request unconditionally..so it goes On and On—— nice.

  6. As always, Gregory, you are an inspiration to me, and always will be as long as I live. I value your friendship and wisdom. My birthday was the 16th of this month. So I have one request to make.
    Could you please send me an autographed picture of you? I would treasure it forever.

  7. As usual, You’ve knocked this Song Out of the Park, (figuaratively speaking). The Inspiration You Put in On and On is so Profound you can Feel it Deep Down in Your Soul. Never Give Up, Never Give In. This is Our Everyday Challenge. Really, Reallly Love Your New Song. Oh yes, Your Picture Enhances the Song. You Look GREAT.

  8. Greetings, Gregory, What a great cover for this song, “On and On”! As usual, I enjoy the relaxed sway of your music. Thank you for continuing to share your God given talent – on and on!
    Wishing you a gorgeous autumn.
    Nona W.

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