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46 thoughts on “Music

  1. I really love your new song , Mary Did You Know. This song is so right for the upcoming holiday season. It’s soft and true. It’s a very remarkable song. Sounds HEAVENLY.

  2. Crazy Over You really brings to light how powerful love can be when you’re in love and crazy about the one you love. A good reason to be happy and enjoy this lovely song.

  3. I went down memory lane and found You’re My Angel and it still sounds great. It’s a very lovely song full of Love and Joy. It’s a nice compliment to be considered to be an Angel.

  4. I have ALWAYS loved listening to your music. I decided I wanted to dance to “I’ll prove it to you” when my husband and I got married in 2010. The DJ couldn’t get the piece and played another song. My husband can’t get over the fact I couldn’t get a single move. I was beyond angry. We’ve decided we’re going to dance to it on our 10th wedding anniversary. You’re cute and your songs are soulful, your voice is amazing! Thanks for being the soundtrack in my head all these years

  5. Your Music actually sheds Light on the Definition of the word Love and what True Love.means and how Unconditional True Love Is. # True Love#

  6. Handyman, well all I can say is there is a lot Employment in that Department. ( LOL) Another Great Song. A Handyman who’s an Expert in Love is as Good as It can Get. I Love Playing this Song Over and Over. Puts a Smile on Your Face. Song and Music is Just Off The Chart. Love It.!!! 💓

  7. Rock You Gently is a song so pure and real. It just affirm that True Love is out there, somewhere. It will come to you in time and you will be Rocked, Very Gently. A very Exquisite Song I must say.

  8. Hello Gregory, just enjoying your Music. I really like the way your Songs keep playing one after anothet. Really nice Music to just lay back and enjoy. All the Time. !!!

  9. You’ve done it agan Gregory, “Deja Vu” is romantic, relaxing and soothes the soul. Such a Majestical Song, Fantastic Job!!! This is surely a #1 Hit Single Song from you. May you connect with all that is Spiritual in your retreat knowing your Musical Listeners will await your return.

  10. Just enjoying your Songs. I Love ALL the Songs you Sing, so it’s Impossible for me to Single out 1 Song and say this is My Favorite Song when they ALL ARE my FAVORITE SONGS. Words Alone couldn”t Express your Powerful Voice and Delightful Music. Waiting to hear more and no doubt they will be # 1 as soon as they are released.

  11. Your music sings a song of Love, Hope, Happiness and Peace. Who can ask for more. I enjoy your songs everday. Keep those coming, they make this world a better place to live.

  12. I know my friend sent me a message from Heaven through your song ” shake you down” such a beautiful experience knowing the connection is still intact! Only Love is real! ❤🙏

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  14. Hi Gregory, I listened to your radio show and enjoyed listening, that’s my kind of music. Thank you!!

  15. thank you for your great music gregory. i love all your songs. iam a huge fan. your voice is amazing. your songs i listens to them all the time. just to name a few shake you down, sugar, sugar, i’ll find a way & the list goes on. love your voice!!

  16. Gregory Abbott is amazing , he’s got that smooth soulful voice , and may i say very goodlooking , such great, great, talent. i love all of his songs. just to name a few , shake you down, i’ll find a way, sugar, sugar. thank you Gregory!!

  17. Just listening to a pristine copy of the LP version of Shake You Down on my new high-end rig here – wow! So many of the songs are my favorites, and Shake You Down has got to be the best song of the final quarter of the 20th century, gorgeous and moving. Unique talent! Congratulations forever.

  18. I am 23 years old and i loooooove your music. I’ll prove it to you, shake you down and i like what you do are my top 3. Thank you so much for these masterpieces.

  19. Say, I was wondering if I could request a song called “Never Even Know What Time It Is” performed by Lisa Lounged. It’s from the Raccoons from CBC

  20. Hello there, Mr. Abbott
    Greetings from Brazil

    My name’s Juliano Mallon and I’m the creator and host of the ABSOLUTE 80’S radio show in Brazil.

    The ABSOLUTE 80’S plays not only the greatest hits of the greatest bands from that golden era, but also other excellent music that weren’t released as singles, giving the listeners a wider picture on those artists/bands work by playing b-sides, alternate versions and other great songs that weren’t released as singles. Also, the show gives current updates on those artists’ careers and recent releases.

    And it’s impossible talking about the 80’s without mentioning GREGORY ABBOTT. Since your songs have a lot of airplay, I’d like you to contact me @ the provided e-mail address because I have a request regarding your music and the show.

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂
    God bless

  21. I literally love all of your music, they are all so perfect, there is an awesome harmony between the voice and the beat. I I really love to listen to shake you down and I’ll prove it to you, since 2014, before sleeping, looking through the window, it is really comforting, relaxing. Unfortunately, i’m Brazilian and not quite good in english, and would be awesome having some of your lyrics to sing according to the music.
    At last, i’m very thankful for all the joy that your music brought me.

  22. I can wake up in the worst mood…then put Shake you Down on and feel my mood lift and the day goes in a good direction. I love your music and I’m thankful for it.

  23. “Billboard” Bill Withers’ music is perfection. You done come and created the impossible—added some more Sunshine to this piece. Goooood listening. Thank you.

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