…… mother’s day

Happy Mothers Day

Its more challenging than ever to be a Mother today. 

A mother’s love is unconditional… all-encompassing. Long after we are grown, a mothers love is there… and comforting. It is eternal. In my life today I’m beginning to appreciate more and more those things that are eternal… those things that don’t fade away but become a part of the fabric of who you are. A mother’s love is such a thing. It is not ephemeral, it is permanent. 

Bless all Mothers and bless the quality and strength of love they give us. We can learn so much from them and we all can learn to be more “motherly” in the love that we give others, (even us men). 

 So, smile and feel proud you lovely ladies! …. this is YOUR DAY.. Happy Mothers Day.

Love you... Miss you... Mom

Love you… Miss you… Mom


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  1. Hi Gregory
    I just dropped by to read what the ladies have to say. I went down to Gabriella’s country so she could be with her mother & Nana. Both of mine passed on..so its always good to see someone else enjoy those precious relationships. So what’s new with you?. I am still hoping to see you at a venue, soon. No pressure..lol

  2. Bonjour Monsieur Abbott
    Comment allez vous
    Okay i am into a Francais kind of mood because i was just texting my mother in french for over two hours on MamaCC”s phone….so now i am writing on your Blog to see if you receive this….because CC says tbe phone is stupid. And yes she & father…is still here..living the carefree life. When i grow up, i want to be just like them. But first..i will have to work hard & sleep alot..so they have told me..i can”t wait. If you get all this..we will know, its not the phone…”stupid” 🙂
    Au voir

    • lol…Claire should do stand-up-comedy..I showed my frtiends the tape I have of her doing what she does best..’Get people laughing- out-loud..on-the-floor”. AND indeed my peeps in T-n-T has done just that.. I miss all you JamRock..folks

  3. Hello Gregory
    I forgot you have this email of mine on file for your blog post. I kinda live on my gmail..of late..and I was wondering how you did not post your “thoughts” for Mother’s Day. Anyhow, I read what my family & your fans wrote. I am going to read what you wrote after I finish writing. BTW..who changed your blog settings. I prefer the other blog. This one is pale and no colour,,esp the guestbook. You had thee best looking set-up..so I don’t know why the change.
    Anyhow, I am on a beach in a Cabana..and its rare that we get an internet connection, so I am taking advantage of this opportunity to check-out everything online. You would love it here. Forget about San F. Better boats/yachts..better waters to sail & better beaches. Each summer we hang-out with the boat people of the Caribbean. I think this year’s festival will be in St.Lucia…and I think I am losing service..so until next time..So Long..Farewell..but not goodbye 🙂

    Just change email from Hotmail to Gmail

    • I will make sure they change the address. Thanks for the feedback. We’ve been playing around with blog and guestbook color theme’s recently (to match the look of our newly designed official site which I love) It’s going to look different until we make a decision. I’ve just asked for something peaceful….and simple. I think they accomplished this but it will be changing from time to time.

      Henry David Thoreau says: “Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand; instead of a million count half a dozen, and keep your accounts on your thumb-nail.” (I’m in that kind of mood these days). Gregory

      • I say “Lively-up yourself–G’..No mixed-up-moods..&..attitudes for you…”remember that each & everyday”
        One Love

  4. Hi G
    I should be the 1st to comment on “babymama-Day..but that week-end I was told to “step away-from networking”..so I obeyed. 🙂 And its just today I saw this email. Somehow I have followers on Google making multiple postings..but I plan to clean up. Don’t understand why one person think they should send 1/2 dozen emails back-2-back.
    Anyhow, my mother’s day was spent will The Hubby (my Duke-of-Love) Our 4 children (2 of his from another & 4 grands)..and my daughter with Bruce & her 2 babies (well one is 3yrs & the other 9-months old) So it was a full house with me being pampered from head to toe…And I can just imagine how you laid out the pink carpet for your lady..Hope she was loving it as much as i loved my baby-mama-day.
    Take Care, Marie.

  5. Hi Gregory
    Holly & I are now in Cayman with our mother, grandmother & father..so we have time to read and recite all your poems (smile)..lovely inspirational..words of hope & happiness. My grandma says your voice is very soothing..she actually made up her own word (listenable)..and her favorite songs by you are Si Ti & Things That Mean The Most. Anyhow, we’ll be here until after Father’s Day…so I’ll be back here soon.
    Love Ya Dana


  7. Thank you so much Gregory for your lovely words about mothers. I actually came here to reply & add my thoughts on your “poem & music” post..and saw this one instead. All my sisters have returned to BVI (where our mom lives) from Jamaica. So we will indeed cherish the time spent with her..and with that said I will sign off with these words:

    • Hi Rose
      I just love your quote on Mothers..Wonderful & so true words. Hope you had a happy day with your kids, sisters & mother. I am sure all of G-Fans & G-himself..did right to all the mothers in their lives. Just keep on doing the same all through the year. Cherish them all
      Love from Lorraine & her Cafe-Girls

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