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All creative people can relate to the way good mothers direct and cultivate the lives of those in their charge.

When mothers have children, they have an idea of the type of little human being they would like to develop and nurture….. the kind of person they would like to see in a future world. The kind of man or women they would like to know and associate with. And it all begins with the multitude of decisions they make every single day. In big ways and small, mothers make decisions that will affect their children both immediately and in the future. Mothers are the “Master Creators”.

There are also those who are motherly by nature and shower this love on pets, friends, relatives or perhaps even a meaningful project etc… are all “Master Creators” and motherliness is a wonderful trait.

So I wish all of you Master Creators,  a very happy Mothers day.


Here’s a link for some interesting thoughts on Mother’s Day

“Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. STEVIE WONDER


“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. they have clung to me all my life”. ABRAHAM LINCOLN






Remember too that WE ALL HAVE THE VERY SAME MOTHER; she’s called Mother Earth.








Here’s an interesting site to help us understand how to better take care of her:

This is “How Deep Is Your Love”

Your mother is always with you… She’s the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street. She’s the smell of bleach in your freshly laundered socks. She’s the cool hand on your brow when you’re not well.

Here’s my Mom, Frances Pinero……. Love you… RIP









Be well all…. and stay strong.

As always, I am musically yours, Gregory









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9 thoughts on “……master creators

  1. Your post is so loving and thoughtful to all us moms. That tells me how you loved and respected your Beautiful! Mother may she RIP.

    I see that she taught you well. You are such a brilliant man in which you are doing what you are suppose to do with your life. And that is to give love and inspiration to the world. I can’t help but say. How can anyone not love you.

    • Your kind words are most appreciated Lois. I’m humbled. 🙏🏼

      My mother was special and very easy to love and learn from. I’m sure that sounds corny, and everybody says that about their own mother…… but there you go!…… 😂

      Have a wonderful weekend.

      • Need I ever say (you have a way with words) No! I do not feel any thing corny, about you. I feel that you inherited the heart of your Mother,and grandMother, and you are easy to love as well. And you have finally, truly made my day! by your kind words of appreciation, plus, you called me by my name. Every night when I turn in I will give my self the hugs and kisses from you. Please never stop giving them to me. I know this is corny. It keeps me warm while I sleep. For your Energy Shines Truly Bright and warm. Thank you, for being you, and you have a wonderful weekend as well. 0X0X

  2. Mothers Day brings me greatest sorrow every year even 15 years since my Mother passed on. She died on a Mothers Day. The day remains fresh in my mind year after year. She had a stroke, but got better after a week of hospitalization. I was a clinical technology student doing my internship in a hospital 10 minutes away from hers. Doctors told me a day before Mothers Day that she could go home the following morning so that we could celebrate Mothers Day with her at home. Being the only child, no father and a student, I arranged a temporary home to care for her while raising money to get somebody to take care of her while I’m finishing my studies.

    Morning of Mothers Day, I got her her favorite chocolates while on my way to fetch her from the hospital. Her ward was on 6th Floor, and this was serviced by 2 lifts/elevators. 1st elevator arrived, and a morgue stretcher was pushed in first before we could get in. Though there was still a space for few people, those before me decided they did not want to share it with a morgue stretcher while visiting their loved ones. They believed it’s bad luck. I decided the same. The 2nd one came immediately and we all got it. As I arrived on 6th Floor, the morgue stretcher/trolley had also just arrived. As I walked towards my Mother’s cubicle, I heard a nurse calling me and running after me, some nurses were telling the morgue porter to wait outside the ward with a trolley. The nurse took me into her office, and I wasn’t worried about anything at all even then, I thought she wanted to discuss my Mother’s temporary home. Then, there she went; “your Mother went into cardiopulmonary arrest, resuscitation was unsuccessful”! It was like a multiple coach train was just running over me!! She had been discharged because she had gotten better, so why that happened? I asked without expecting answers! I refused to believe God exist there and then, I refused prayers and pastor’s help until after few sessions of trauma counseling! So yeah, this day always comes with a like a knife in my heart! I don’t mean to depress anybody.

    Happy Mothers Day to ALL the Mothers out there! Happy Mothers Day to my Mother!
    Love and worship your Mothers! They are a greatest gift God can afford you! A true blessing!

    • Wow that’s a tough one Thuli …… I’m sure it’s taken you a while to make sense of it all. The fact that it’s so fresh in your mind is a testament to how much she meant to you and how close you two were.

      I went through a similar thing with my mother and I find that it helps me to focus on the wonderful times I had…. the jokes we shared…. the adventures we went on together…. and of course the many times she lifted me up when I was down.

      I always feel better when I make it a priority to remember her in this way. Blessings to you. Gregory

  3. Your mother is a very beautiful woman, and may she rest in Heaven. She’s in your heart, and her spirit will always be with you, Gregory. Never forget that, my friend.

  4. Blessings to my mom, grandmothers and all other mothers in this world, also those in Heaven. Enjoy your special day.
    May you find strength every time you remember your beautiful mom. She surely did an excellent job, creating such a masterpiece. May her soul rest peacefully.

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