Congratulations to all the fathers out there. Have a great weekend.

Congratulations also to those who appreciate the role of father… that means all the spiritual guides, big brothers, adoptive parents etc… who step in when it is needed.

We have all needed guidance at some time in our lives, so praise goes out to you for your important contribution.

This is: “Handyman”

Musically yours, Gregory

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  1. Hi Mr. Abbott, my name is Dana Patrick. I was just wondering how much it would cost me if I want you to sing at my wedding? I’ve loved your music since I was six years old, in 1986, and I always love your voice. It’s not gonna be a big extravagant wedding , But I am marrying the man of my dreams, the man I ask God for. He treats me really good but I wanted our wedding to be nothing but Romance… We wouldn’t be able to go on a honeymoon after the wedding but just saying my vows and giving my life to him should be plenty enough. My fiancé is a soldier at Fort Hood and I’m just a homemaker. I will give you all the money I had if I had any… but it would be an honor if somehow I was able to have you at my wedding. Thank you Mr. Abbott

    • It sounds like you two have a beautiful relationship. I love to see two people wanting to commit to each other in this way. Unfortunately I wont be able to sing at your wedding but would be honored if you played my music; and know that I wish you both the best and will be there in spirit. Tell your fiance congratulations from me.
      Blessings, Gregory

  2. When your mom gave birth to you, she was blessed with an angel. I wish you a very blessed Father’s Day. You have come a very long way, Gregory, and I truly thank God for blessing you with the talent that you were given. Keep up the great work, and don’t quit, no matter what!

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