……allow the waves

“Let what comes, come. 
Let what goes, go. 
Don’t try to push away what comes. 
It’s already here and it will pass. 
Don’t try to cling to what goes. 
The leaving is natural. Bless the leaving too. 
Let what stays, stay. 
Let what dies, die. 
Let what lives, live. 
Be the wide open space 
for all of it. 
Every thought, every feeling. 
Be the awareness. 
Be the ocean. 
Allow the waves.” 

by Jeff Foster

Musically yours, Gregory



15 thoughts on “……allow the waves

  1. I am fascinated by your music . ich bin eine deutsche frau mag aber deine musik.vilen dank dafür. Thank you Gregory

  2. I just love your poem, its something that I needed to hear today. I believe that everything happens for a reason and for a season and your poem is right onto this. thank you so much. I pray that life is going great for you and that you’re doing what you enjoy and living your purpose. you will always be remembered.

  3. I love that poem! It’s beautiful! I write poetry also.
    Here is my first one, which is my crown jewel.

    It’s called “Where The Day Takes You”

    Where the day takes you
    you never know
    Where the day takes you
    Is where you will go

    People getting killed
    Over stupid lies
    As all of this is happening
    I do not know why

    Sometimes I wonder
    What it’s like to be
    Living in a world
    That wants to be free

    So when the day wakes you
    You will know
    And where the day takes you
    That’s where you will go.

    I hope you like it.

  4. I needed to hear that. I love a heroin Addict reeking havoc in my life. I have to let go. But I love her deeply.. but when she goes and disappears I yearn for her and worry for her saftey. Listening to your poem has freed me from my unrealistic thoughts. Thank you Gregory

  5. Dear Gregory ~ So much wisdom to your post regarding ” Allowing ” what simply is to be . There is a lot to the art to allowing….I so often actually want to manipulate the waves of life at times. lol What you wrote is very profound and deep. Someone once said ” what you resist will persist. ” I think it is somewhat along the same lines as what you are saying. One could ponder upon your words for a good while. One must become the observer. Maybe you can take them and incorporate the basic idea of them into a song. Much Love to you and yours. A true admirer , Laura

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